France and Spain defend a CAP that combines the viability of farms with the greatest environmental ambition

The Minister of Agriculture of Spain, Luis Planas, and the Minister of Agriculture and Food of France, Julien Denormandie, have held a bilateral meeting in which they have analyzed the state of the negotiations of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). They have defended that it has a greater environmental ambition, but guaranteeing the viability of the exploitations.

The new CAP, the owners acknowledge, should entail a simplification of administrative procedures, while regarding eco-schemes they consider that they should have flexibility in their application.


Regarding the implementation of the ‘Farm to Table Strategy’, which will involve a significant legislative rollout, Planas and Denormandie will adopt a common approach and have requested rapid harmonization on source labeling, a review of the legislative package of phytosanitary products and the adoption of a new strategy in favor of animal welfare.


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