Frimancha presents its new 100% natural beef burger, Zero additives and no sulfites

The FRIMANCHA company, expert in beef and multi-meat production, will present its new 100% natural beef burger, zero additives and no sulfites added, at Meat Attraction in Madrid from September 17 to 19. The company, specialized in the integrated production of beef and with a 50-year history, will also present a new range of cooked and cured meat products for large distribution.

The firm from Valdepeñas, Frimancha, expands its offer of fresh elaborated products with a commitment to the natural product and also presents a new range of cooked and cured meat products. After months of work on the project, the company from La Mancha will present its new hamburger made only with 100% natural beef, without additives and without sulfites. The third edition of Meat Attraction is also the venue chosen by Frimancha for the launch of the range of cooked and cured Magno Duroc and Friwurst sausages.


The firm from Valdepeñas will participate in Meat Attraction,

in the Anafric joint pavilion

The fresh, cooked and cured meat products of Frimancha are prepared with ingredients of integrated origin. In this way, the optimum and constant quality of its products is guaranteed. In addition, they respond to Frimancha’s own recipes, made with traditional methods supported with leading edge technologies. The company from La Mancha has been developing since 2017 a commitment to specializing in its line of fresh elaborated products that has included significant improvements of facilities and technology. The commitment to natural is increasingly present in the fresh, cooked and cured products of this firm.
Frimancha, which is part of Grupo Vall Companys since 2017, has a workforce of 300 workers in its plant in Valdepeñas. Of its production, 76% is sold in Spain and 24% is exported. Its two main business lines are beef and processed meat, with fresh, cooked and cured product lines. Frimancha closed 2018 with a turnover of 122 million euros.

For the second time at Meat Attraction

                  Frimancha will repeat for the second time in a row at Meat Attraction, which will take place in Madrid in September. The company from La Mancha will be part of the joint stand presented by the meat business association Anafric, with 7 major meat companies in Spain.

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