German consumers want a quality seal on their meat

Product quality and certification seals are increasingly important when buying food. This has been demonstrated in the report “Germany shows how it eats”, presented by the German Federal Ministry of Agriculture. Specifically, 66% of Germans want a quality seal on their meat, 15% above 2019.

Some interesting data from the report, which has been echoed by Eurocarne magazine and which you can consult at this link:

  • 66% buy organic products from their region
  • 55% demand products with certified animal welfare. Thus, the seal of animal welfare provided by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture is important or even very important for 86% of those surveyed.
  • The most important characteristic in the purchase decision is still taste, with 96%.
  • Regional origin is important to 82% of Germans.
  • Seasonality interests 78%
  • Product information is important to 54% and price to 48%.



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