Greater consumption of fresh products in the first week of 2021. Increase of 2.8%

Mass consumption has experienced a decline in the physical channel during the New Year’s week (from December 28 to January 3), with a reduction of -3.6% in value, if compared to the previous year, according to a new study from IRI, one of the largest market research companies. This decrease is caused by the fall in perfumery and hygiene products, which fell by -30.3% in a historically very relevant time for these categories. But this has not been the behavior of fresh products, which has increased by 2.8%.


Due to a much more homemade Christmas, it is appreciated that, in addition to the usual masks and bleaches and disinfectants, beers, spirits, wines, sparkling drinks are added as categories with greater evolution, given the restrictions in hospitality, as well as pastry products , sugar and sweeteners, fish and shellfish and cheeses that reflect, on the one hand, the increase in household consumption, and, on the other, a greater predisposition to cooking at home.

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