More control over animal welfare in agreements with third countries

The groups of organizations that defend a higher level of welfare and protection of animals, ask the European Commission that in the negotiations for the signing of trade agreements, such as the one that is pending to be launched between the EU and Mercosur, aspects such as animal welfare are taken into account. The objective is to limit the importation of poultry and beef from these countries and only allow those products that have high standards of animal welfare to enter.

In addition to assuming a level playing field, it would mean that producers in other countries adopt European standards and contribute to the United Nations SDGs.

The EC study on the cumulative economic impacts of trade agreements on EU agriculture would show how unconditional market access granted in free trade agreements (FTAs) significantly increases trade in animal products, boosting agriculture. intensive both in the EU and abroad.

It examines how the impact of 12 free trade agreements that the EU is currently negotiating or concluding in the agricultural sector has affected by 2030. It was found that when free trade agreements were implemented, exports of pork and dairy products from The EU grew, while more imported poultry, beef and sheep meat arrived in the EU.


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