Grow to improve. Improve to grow.

The year 2020 is just around the corner. And it’s time for valuations. And at Anafric we have a lot to be proud of.

At Anafric we have a lot to be proud of. For almost 40 years, we have grown with our associates with the sole purpose of defending the interests of national companies in the livestock and meat sector, in a transversal and plural way.

We are transversal because we defend the interests of cattle raising, fattening, slaughter, meat cutting, processing, storage, importation and exportation. And to all these interests we put face. We accompany them in their day to day and offer customized solutions.

We are plural because we solve problems with the regional, national, European and / or international administrations to pave the way to grow.
And growing is, in short, what we have done this year.

• Grow in number of associates increasing our national and international reach.
• We have continued to promote work within the interprofessionals of Provacuno, Interovic and Interporc.
• Position ourselves before the administration as a guide for the reference associations that encompasses the entire meat sector, achieving important achievements.
• Go hand in hand with the main European employer of meat, UECBV, to address the complex challenges of the sector for the coming years, where livestock and associated industry are not the problem but the solution to improve the sustainability and biodiversity of the territory.
• Promote the Green Deal seal with which the new European Union wants to fight for sustainable livestock and agriculture in Europe.
• Stop the negative image of the sector as the main pollutant in terms of greenhouse gas emissions thanks to a communication policy argued with the participation of the UECBV Meatsthefacts campaign.
• Increase national and international agreements to encourage the ‘jump’ of companies associated with other markets.
• Increase in the presence of Anafric partners in national and international fairs with the aim of reaching trade agreements.

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture, the sector represents a turnover of 26,207 million euros, 22.1% of the entire food sector.

We must be proud. Proud not only because we position Spain where it is necessary, but because our sector conserves the rural environment and is a work place for hundreds of thousands of families.

Let’s not forget it. We will have complicated times. Complicated because we will have to fight for our companies, because we will have to face external attacks from various groups and because we have to continue working for a neutral emission sector for 2050.

In Anafric we know it. And that’s why we work for everyone’s well-being. We have enough muscle to fight. The brain to think strategies. The experience to carry them forward and above all the will that, with dialogue and perseverance, the solutions for all arrive before.

In 2020, our commitment is to increase the presence of Anafric and its associates in all economic and social forums, continue betting on new technologies to face the era of digital change and continue negotiating with different governments to find solutions to everything the sector.

We have done things well. It must be said. But you have to do them better, with strategy and with one-way communication.

For all this, We wish you a happy and prosperous year 2020.

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