Grupo Costa will install self-consumption solar panels in all its production centers in Spain

The Costa Group takes a step forward in its sustainability plan and will install solar plants in all its production centers in Spain. This measure, whose main objective is energy efficiency and the reduction of environmental impact, will be implemented from April in four phases until completing the 35 centers that Costa has in Spain, located in eleven autonomous communities. The entire process will last two years and will be developed by the company MNM Solar.

Most of the production centers are installed in rural areas

In total, the installed power will exceed 10,000 kW and its annual production will mean a self-consumption of 15,173,000 kWh per year, which will no longer be consumed from the electricity grid. Consequently, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere will be reduced by 9,120 tons, the equivalent of the effect of planting 456,047 trees each year.

In addition, the measure contemplates that the possible surpluses of these photovoltaic installations be derived to the electrical network so that other consumers can make use of them and their production is not wasted. Most of the production centers are installed in rural areas.

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