Healthy products, with natural ingredients and ecological options. This is what the consumer wants

Spanish consumers are increasingly interested in new products. This follows from the report ‘Innovation in the shopping basket’, carried out by Aecoc Shopperview. 53% of buyers have included a new item in their last shopping basket, which represents a growth of 14 percentage points over the 39% registered in 2016. And what kind of novelties has the consumer included in the basket of the purchase? Well, healthy products, with natural ingredients and ecological options.

The data from the report also reveals that price is the main obstacle when buying novelties for 64% of those surveyed, while 39% say that they do not buy new items because they consider that they do not meet their needs. On the other hand, 21% prefer to fill the shopping basket with products that they already know.

The user finds new product news on social channels, as 27% of those surveyed affirm, although 58% continue to look for them in the commercial establishment, although this is a drop of almost 20% compared to the 2016 survey.

More information from the D/A Retail report. Food and Health Market 2022

The demand for plant-based products has increased in the last two years according to the D/A Retail report. Food and Health Market 2022. In 2019, one in 19 Spaniards identified as ‘veggie’ (almost 4 million people), a number that exceeds 5.1 million in 2021, nearly 1,300,000 new consumers (+34% in two years).

The ‘green’ diets have grown in these two years: flexitarians (vegetable preference and occasional consumption of meat or fish), vegetarians (only vegetable products, dairy products, eggs and honey) and vegans (100% vegetable). Specifically, 10.8% of Spaniards considered themselves flexitarian, 4.2 million people (compared to 3 million in 2019). On the other hand, if we add vegans and vegetarians, the number grows by 12% compared to 2019. In vegetarians, 550,000 consumers were reached (576,000 in 2019), while 315,000 people considered themselves vegans, a profile that has grown by 60%.

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