Household spending on meat and meat products grows 13% in 2020, the first year of the covid-19 pandemic. Sheep grew 8%

The consumption of fresh meat has grown by 12.9% and stood at 1.67 million tons, mainly made up of chicken meat (630,993 tons) and pork with 505,204 tons. It was precisely the latter that grew the most in all of 2020, 13.7% compared to increases of 10.6% in chicken and beef (247,568 t) or 7.7% in sheep (66,214 t).

Regarding sales channels, despite being the least significant in terms of the total amount sold, the online channel has been the one that grew the most in 2020, with 82.9% in quantity (32,642 t) and a rise of almost 100% in value to 243 million euros. The average sale price through this channel has also been one of the ones that increased the most in 2020.

Sales through butcher / delicatessen, being the closest shops during the confinement experienced, rose 14.6% to over 407,000 t, and supermarkets 8% to 1.12 million t. For the hypermarket channel, the growth registered was 7.3% with 240,841.

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