In 2060 we will reach 9,800 million inhabitants. Importance of animal health in the fight against diseases

According to forecasts by international organizations such as the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), it will be necessary to produce 70 percent more food to meet the demand of the 2.3 billion people by which the world population will increase here to 2050, or that in 2060 the number of inhabitants of the planet will reach 9,800 million.

These clarifying data highlight the importance of animal health in the fight against these diseases and the need for animal health and human health to collaborate to protect animal health and that of people, which is and will be a guarantee to be able to count with a healthy livestock herd and, therefore, have safe and quality food or what is the same, reinforce our food security.

The “One Health” concept, which emerged more than 30 years ago, encompasses matters related to human health, animal health and the environment. A concept that is currently becoming more important due to the social prominence of animal care, climate change, food safety and, in general, human health, especially in what has to do with the prevention of diseases such as zoonoses, especially since Covid-19 is among us.

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