Informative breakfast for the press: “The rigor of data in Spanish livestock farming”

On October 20, the  information SomosGanadería campaign organizes an informative breakfast for the press entitled “The rigor of data in Spanish livestock farming.” The event can be followed by videoconference through online registration and will be attended by experts in the field.

Miguel Ángel Higuera, director of ANPROGAPOR and coordinator of the initiative, will give an institutional welcome to the speakers who will participate in the debate table:

  • Ana Hurtado, technical director of CESFAC
  • Lucía T. Díez Córdova, ASOPROVAC technician
  • Jordi Montfort, general secretary of AVIANZA
  • Moderator: Pablo Hervás coordinator of SomosGanadería

The debate will end with a round of questions.

This informative breakfast is scheduled to start at 8:45 and end at 10:45.



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