INTERPORC and MAPA reinforce their prevention campaign against African Swine Fever with an animated video

INTERPORC  and MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food) are developing a new prevention campaign, which reinforces the actions it has been carrying out since the reappearance of African Swine Fever (ASF) in Europe.




The animated video is two minutes long and the INTERPORC Scientific Committee for Animal Health has participated in its preparation. It is mainly aimed at farmers and veterinarians, although the advice it offers is useful for all professionals in the pig sector who interact with animals.

As Alberto Herranz, director of lNTERPORC, points out, “until now, we have prevented African Swine Fever from crossing our borders, but the danger is still there, which is why we have spent many months carrying out numerous actions to remind not only professionals in the pig sector as well to the general public, that preventing the arrival of African Swine Fever in Spain is everyone’s business”.


In this sense, he recalled the campaign ‘Feeding wild animals is not natural’, with the aim of raising awareness among hikers and the population of the risks of feeding these animals in natural spaces, picnic areas or when they come close to urban centers.


It should not be forgotten that the ASF virus is highly contagious in both pigs and wild boars, that it is found in the secretions (faeces, urine, saliva, blood…) of infected animals and that it remains for months in carcasses and frozen meat. .

However, he recalled that “it is a disease that exclusively affects animals, so its consequences for the sector would be very negative.” Hence, it emphasizes the need to maintain maximum alertness and fully respect the recommended biosecurity measures.


Measures to adopt

The video, which is having a great circulation, begins by appealing directly to the professionals of the farms with the phrase “we farmers know very well that African Swine Fever has disastrous consequences for a pig farm. All the pigs must be slaughtered and the work of years, of a lifetime, changes in a single instant”.

From there, the seven main measures that must be respected on farms are reviewed.

  • Keep the perimeter fencing in good condition and maintain strict biosecurity protocols.
  • Wear exclusive clothing and footwear
    Absolute hygiene of people, vehicles and materials with access to the facilities
  • Work with suppliers with a health guarantee
  • Limit visits to essential visits only
    Watch for any worrisome signs in animals
  • Notifying the vet immediately in case of suspicion.


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