Interporc highlights the key role of the pig sector for economic recovery

The pandemic has shown that the white coat pig sector is “a key economic sector that will play a decisive role in the process of recovery and transformation of the Spanish economy.”

During the celebration of the webinar Retos actuales de la producción porcina mundial’, organized by the University of Lleida, Alberto Herranz, director of the Interprofessional, indicated that the strength of the Spanish pig sector lies in its “powerful productive structure”, with more than 86,000 farms, 2,630 industries, 550 companies and cooperatives; in addition to “its high capacity to generate and maintain stable employment”, with more than 427,200 workers representing 12.5% of all direct agri-food employment in Spain; and “its important contribution to the public coffers, with more than 2,100 million euros per year”.

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