INTERPORC: “Spanish pig farms are a world benchmark in innovation, animal welfare and biosecurity”

INTERPORC is holding a series of webinars within its ‘Transparent, not invisible’ campaign, which aim to bring the reality of the sector closer to society. Daniel de Miguel, deputy director of the Porcino Interprofessional.

Daniel de Miguel, deputy director of the Interprofessional Porcino de Capa Blanca (INTERPORC) in his speech pointed out that pig farms “are a world benchmark in animal welfare and biosecurity thanks to the fact that the sector itself has adopted measures that go much further than what is required by national and European regulations, already the most demanding in the world. Added to that is its strong innovative vocation, which makes us a leading sector worldwide “.

De Miguel explained that in recent years the Spanish pig sector has made a “great effort to size its farms to a medium size; They are technified farms, which guarantee the welfare of the animals, and are very efficient from an environmental point of view because they make better use of the available resources ”.

On the other hand, he concluded, “being a disease-free country makes it easier for us to open borders, which has made us become the second largest exporter in the world.”

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