INTERPORC strengthens the solid position of the white pork sector in Taiwan at Food Taipei

The participation of the Interprofessional Agri-Food Organization of White Coated Pork (INTERPORC) in Food Taipei 2024, held between June 26 and 29 at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, has concluded with very positive results that have allowed us to strengthen excellent commercial relations that Spanish pork maintains with this important market in particular and with this area of ​​Asia in general.


Interporc en Food Taipei

This event, in which it has been present with the support of MAPA (Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food), has allowed those responsible for the Interprofessional to hold important meetings with local administrations. For their part, the six companies that have accompanied INTERPORC in its 90 m² pavilion (Faccsa-Prolongo, Friselva, Grupo Jorge, Famadesa, Costa Food and Olot Meats) have received a large number of visits from distributors in the country interested in the quality of Spanish pork products.

The B2B meetings, organized by INTERPORC, have proven crucial in establishing significant business contacts with Taiwanese importers that facilitate the generation of new business opportunities and strengthen existing business relationships.

In addition, the activity in the pavilion was a constant to attract the attention of those attending the fair. The three daily showcookings, led by a local chef who demonstrated recipes with Spanish white pork, allowed visitors to taste the versatility and excellence of the Spanish product. In addition, Jesús García, champion of the INTERPORC SPAIN 2019 International cutter competition, held ham cutting exhibitions, generating great interest for his skill and the quality of the product.

Alberto Herranz, general director of INTERPORC, highlights that “attending this fair is very important because since the opening of the Taiwanese market to our pork in 2014, Spain has maintained a solid position as a reference partner. They like our product quality and the food safety that we guarantee, but the trust that our companies generate in commercial relationships is always a determining factor.”

In 2023, Spain was the second supplier of pork to Taiwan, exporting 30,125 tons worth 108.3 million euros, which represented 24.5% in volume of all Taiwanese imports.

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