INTERPORC: “We have to convey to consumers the scientific reality about the nutritional benefits of pork”


Interporc has participated in the 9th National Congress of Pork Producers of Mexico. Daniel de Miguel, head of International and deputy director of the Interprofessional of the White Coat Pork (INTERPORC) has pointed out the need to “transfer to consumers the scientific reality about the nutritional benefits of pork”. INTERPORC’s participation in the Mexican Congress is being very active, since, in addition to Daniel de Miguel, the president of the Interprofessional, Manuel García, participated yesterday in the block dedicated to ‘Markets’.

The representative of INTERPORCha exposed the nutritional positioning of meat and processed pork products based on scientific evidence, which “recommends the consumption of lean meat, such as pork, in a proportion of between 3 and 4 servings per week to obtain the nutrients we need, so it is part of a complete diet.

Balance diet

In this sense, “its inclusion in a balanced diet is of special value in order to achieve a healthy diet at all ages, especially among the youngest”. De Miguel believes that “they are going to be the future consumers and purchase decision makers.” And he recalled that “in the specific case of Spain, pork is part of the Mediterranean Diet, recognized as one of the healthiest in the world.”

To introduce the topic of the debate, Daniel de Miguel also spoke about false myths, noting that “at INTERPORC we work hard on communication to properly inform consumers and dismantle some false beliefs about pork.” In relation to the new consumer and its evolution over the last few years, he stressed that “we must know how to adapt to the current context, in which this new profile is found, to which we must know how to adapt”.

Work properly on communication

For this reason, he recommended that Mexican pork companies adequately work on their communication to convey to current consumers, who demand healthy and quality food more than ever, “the scientific reality that demonstrates that pork meat includes proteins; all essential amino acids; minerals such as iron and zinc; and group B vitamins, which allow the proper functioning of the nervous and immune systems. Characteristics that give it a high biological and nutritional value”.

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