Italian Senate bans ‘meat’ names for vegetable analogues

The Italian Senate has approved a ban on the use of names that refer to meat and its derivatives for processed products that instead contain exclusively vegetable proteins, known as meat analogues. “With the approval of our reform, we ensure the right of citizens to correct information to protect their health and interests, but we also recognize and defend the cultural, socioeconomic and environmental value of our livestock products and manufacturing companies”, the parliamentarians say. Italians in statements collected by the media of the Alpine country.



This is one more step to the legislative project approved in March of this year to prohibit the production and marketing of synthetic foods, such as cultured meat, arguing the lack of scientific studies on them and the inequalities that they could cause at a nutritional level.

Coldiretti, the largest association of ranchers and farmers in the country, applauded the approval of the text.

The Senate measure must now be approved in plenary sessions of Parliament.


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