“It’s grilled lamb barbecue time.” New cuts to celebrate Lamb Day, next June 23

On the occasion of the celebration of lamb day on June 23, INTEROVIC has organized a training course for professionals from Alcampo supermarkets on the best cuts of lamb for grilling. The online session was given yesterday by the master butcher Daniel Herrero within the framework of ‘The Days of’ Alcampo, a series of internal training sessions that the supermarket chain organizes with different products. This is the second year in a row that the Sheep and Goat Agrifood Interprofessional participates and does so for the second time this year, as it did in May with training on the Paquito de lamb and the new leg cuts.

Participation in this action has the objective of disseminating and bringing lamb, suckling pig and kid meat closer to professionals in the sector, in this case butchers and staff from the Alcampo meat department, to highlight its quality, flavor and the benefits it provides. as a versatile and sustainable meat. A conference that is framed in the European program “Suckling, lamb and kid meat, tasty and sustainable. Choose the European origin” and that on this occasion emphasizes the cuts adapted to the way of cooking in summer that the public demands. “Through these trainings we want to create new moments of consumption beyond the summer periods such as Christmas. In addition, it is an opportunity to make meat retailers aware of the versatility and sustainable origin of lamb and kid, as well as to discover which are the best cuts to prepare on the grill now that Lamb Day or the night of the San Juan”, declares Raúl Muñiz, president of INTEROVIC.

Under the title “It’s time for grilled lamb barbecues” and facing the summer period, the streaming training has been focused on grilled lamb and the new cuts most suitable for barbecue, which are seven: the french rack, tournedó, the collarín, the tomahawk, the saratoga french rack, the t-bone and the churrasco, the ones that best adapt to cooking on a barbecue since «in most cases they are cuts attached to the bone and all the meat attached to the bone is the tastiest and is best suited to the barbecue as it provides a differential flavour”, explains Daniel. “They are recent lambs (between 10 and 12 kilos) that are the best to put on the fire or grill because they are a meat with more sediment,” he adds.

A “sustainable and natural” meat

INTEROVIC, the Sheep and Goat Agrifood Interprofessional, is part of the European Program 2021-2023, which aims to rejuvenate its consumption and publicize the sustainable aspects of this livestock, which, thanks to grazing, have multiple benefits for the environment environment and economic engine of rural Spain.

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