June 23. Lamb Day. Have you thought about doing the transhumant route?

You are passionate about the countryside, you want to learn more about the world of herding and cattle raising, and you are thinking of doing a transhumant route. Perfect. A transhumant route is a journey of several days (between one and several weeks) that shepherds make with their flocks of sheep to search for new pastures and adapt to the weather conditions of the seasons.

Although nowadays they are practiced much less, the transhumant routes are a very old tradition, and have been a fundamental part of sheep farming in Spain. Did you know that the first regulated roads date from the time of Alfonso X, and are those known as royal ravines? Discover nature and how sheep help conserve the environment.

The culture of grazing has been practiced for more than 3,000 years. How can a meat not be good!!! The animals have always been raised in the same way…

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