Leather Cluster Barcelona hosts the ACCIÓ creativity and sustainability day in the framework of the Districts of Creativity

The Network of Districts of Creativity (DC) brings together 13 of the most creative and innovative regions in the world, including Catalonia. The aim of the network is to help the economic and social prosperity of the different regions by promoting the cross-fertilization of the virtuous triangle of technology, creativity and entrepreneurship. ACCIÓ, the Generalitat de Catalunya’s company competitiveness agency, is a member of this international network that promotes creativity and innovation.

The network aims to exchange experiences and knowledge between different regions with the aim of stimulating potential collaborations and identifying new ways to combine experiences, technology and resources. It is committed to combining creativity, technology and entrepreneurship in order to generate new solutions (new products, services, processes and / or business models) that are a source of growth, prosperity and social well-being.

In addition to the ongoing contact between network members, and meetings of the governing body (the International Council), DCs organize two major events each year: the Creativity World Forum and a Reverse Mission.

This year, the Reverse Mission has been organized in Catalonia by ACCIÓ and the central theme has focused on creativity and sustainability, the same theme that will be the focus of this year’s Creativity World Forum. In the Reverse Mission, a member of the network invites the rest to visit their territory, in order to show the most relevant trends and projects in their home on the agreed topic. It is an opportunity to promote in front of representatives of the whole network the potential and the opportunities that are generated.

ACCIÓ has organized a day of this year’s mission at Leather Cluster Barcelona to discover through active learning that has combined guided tours with presentations, the Igualada leather ecosystem and relevant projects of the cluster, its partners and the city ​​of Igualada in terms of sustainability and creativity.

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