Madrid monitors 27 million animals in slaughterhouses per year

The body of Food Safety inspectors of the General Directorate of Public Health of the Community reinforces its activity during the Christmas holidays to guarantee the food safety of the 10 slaughterhouses in the region. To guarantee the coverage of the postmortem inspection activity, the regional government has authorized the contracting of the technical support service for the official control of food hygiene in slaughterhouses in the region for an amount of 913,646.32 euros and for the years 2021 to 2023.

Every year, the 38 official veterinarians and 10 Public Health inspection assistants inspect 27 million animals to prevent possible health problems and ensure that the products are safe to consume.

The official control that veterinary inspectors carry out is twofold. On the one hand, they carry out the so-called “ante mortem inspection” of all the animals that are going to be slaughtered. That is, the individual examination of each of them to check their good health, which allows detecting any abnormality that could affect the fitness of the meats that go to the final consumer.

The presence of these official veterinarians in the slaughterhouses throughout the slaughter day, required by current regulations, has not been interrupted, not even in the worst moments of the health crisis.

Throughout the State of Alarm, technicians have come to carry out the inspection, provided that the slaughterhouses have slaughtered animals, including Sundays and holidays, an activity that continues to this day. The performance of the inspectors has required a great effort due to the peculiarity of the operation in these establishments, where chain work and the humidity and temperature conditions facilitate the risk of contagion.

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