MAPA answers Alberto Garzón’s statements and confirms Anafric’s arguments

The Revista Cárnica has asked the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food about the statements of Minister Alberto Garzón. The MAPA response leaves no doubt about the quality of Spanish meat and, above all, the application of animal welfare regulations. In this sense, the MAP agrees with the arguments of the press release issued by Anafric on January 4, which has had a great media impact and which you can consult at this link.

In short, the response of the Ministry confirms that Spain: “It has a great agronomic diversity in its territory, of conventional and organic production, where intensive and extensive livestock models also coexist, which follow the strict standards of production and animal welfare of the Union The most demanding production standards in the world are applied in the Member States. ”

You can consult the complete answer in this link of Revista Cárnica.

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