May 19: The pig sector and the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals

INTERPORC will organize on May 19, within the framework of the United Nations (UN) Summit, a Dialogue to discuss compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and future challenges. Javier Sierra and Juan Prieto will be the high-level speakers who will intervene in the plenary session of the Dialogue.

Javier Sierra is counselor for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food to the United Nations and International Organizations in Geneva as well as a member of the Permanent Mission of Spain to the UN and the OOII in Geneva. On his side, Juan Prieto is the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food of Spain in Italy and Deputy Permanent Representative of Spain to the FAO. As experts in Food Systems, they will be in charge of inaugurating this Dialogue, whose final conclusions will be sent to the UN, which will take them into account for the Food Systems Summit to be held in September in New York, as well as at the Pre-Summit of Rome in July.


For Javier Sierra “it is essential to have the opinion of the producer sector, which will be the protagonist of any change and evolution of food systems”. Likewise, he adds, “the Spanish pig sector, which is integrated into global supply chains, has to assume a leadership role when defining its future.”


Something in which Juan Prieto agrees, who considers that “the pig sector, and by extension the meat sector as a whole, can contribute to the Summit its multifaceted and adaptable vision to different circumstances and territories, but always with the search for the triple and balanced social, environmental and economic sustainability of the different food systems ”.

The consumption of pork, he emphasizes, “is a fundamental part of the diet of almost all human societies, regardless of certain individual decisions about its consumption, as an omnivorous species that obtains its fundamental source of protein from meat. high biological and nutritional value ”.

Protect Food Systems

Along with these two exceptional speakers, throughout the morning representatives of both the pig sector and the Spanish livestock-meat sector, experts in sustainability, animal welfare, nutrition and food or structuring the territory, and other interest groups such as consumers, farmers, NGOs, companies, veterinarians, researchers, representatives of public administrations or communication professionals, will discuss the challenges faced by the livestock-meat chain at a global level and the pig sector in particular, to continue adapting to the new food systems in compliance with the Sustainable Development Goals.

Participants will address 3 main topics related to sustainable production and animal welfare; sustainable food and diets; and the economic-social impact of livestock activity in the territories.

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