May 28: International Hamburger Day… meat!

Coinciding with the celebration of International Hamburger Day on May 28, the OCU has sent a statement explaining a comparison, published on its website, between 14 products based on no meat proteins and concluding that there are great differences between these 14 analyzed products. Of these, only 5 veggie burgers can be considered of good quality, while there are two products that do not reach an acceptable minimum and are of poor quality.

The Eurocarne newspaper has published an extensive article, from which we reflect some interesting data:

The OCU report has been made based on:

  • Composition
  • Nutritional aspects
  • Hygiene
  • Expert tasters who have valued its sensory properties

Eurocarne highlights that according to the OCU report, “the intended meat experience has disappointed the experts, although some hamburgers obtain good final evaluations”.

Hamburger tasters have concluded that most of the products have not been liked due to their many defects:

  • Soft and rubbery textures.
  • Dull colors or, on the contrary, very dark.
  • Imperceptible odours, but also some unpleasant ones.

In fact, in the OCU study there are only three hamburgers with good tasting results.

We reproduce this paragraph from Eurocarne on the protein content of veggie products: “The OCU statement goes on to point out that vegetable burgers are promoted as meat substitute protein foods. It is true that they contain a large amount of protein, but their quality does not is so good.A good quality or high biological value protein is one that contains all the essential amino acids in the necessary proportions, as is the case with meat, fish, egg and dairy proteins, that is, of animal origin. On the contrary, the protein is of low quality when it is deficient in one or more essential amino acids. And this is what happens with these products: none of the vegetable burgers analyzed have protein that provides 100% of the essential amino acid requirements ” .

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