May 28. International Hamburger Day. Provacuno presents the campaign “Bú”

PROVACUNO, joins the celebration of World Hamburger Day with the presentation of a new and fun campaign in which it wants to claim the use of the word “hamburger” only for those made with meat. Those that don’t, “are something else, but they’re not burgers,” as the spot we see from today in various media reads.



The campaign, called, aims to help companies that use all sorts of ingredients when making something similar to a burger to adopt a different and creative name. For this, on the web a space has already been enabled where any user can propose the name for this type of product. From the most creative to the funniest, from the most groundbreaking to the most obvious. The only condition is that they are not offensive.

Do not confuse the consumer

“For us at PROVACUNO, burgers should be beef, the real ones, although according to Spanish law you can use other meats. But they should always be meat. The rest are not burgers,” he said. assured Eliseu Isla, president of PROVACUNO, during the presentation of the campaign. “There are more and more products made in the laboratory and based on mixing ingredients and ingredients, in some cases more than 20, that want to mimic the shape, appearance or even the taste of burgers and say the same. It doesn’t make sense, we believe in interprofessional. Because, “Illa insisted,” it’s a way of confusing consumers in a market where respect for the origin of food and its name are key. ”

To help them find a name for these products, the PROVACUNO campaign will help them find hundreds of options to replace them, from today until next June 15th. Then, a specialized jury will be in charge of choosing the perfect name to propose to society so that they adopt it as an alternative to the word “burger”.

More information at this link.

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