Meat exports fell by 5.4% but their value increased by 11%

Foreign trade continues to be an engine of economic growth and a generator of employment in our country. Spanish export activity shows greater dynamism than that of the European economies as a whole. Spanish exports of goods in 2022 as a whole have set a new annual all-time high and exceed 389,000 million euros for the first time. This represents growth of close to 23% year-on-year compared to 2021. In addition, Spanish export activity shows greater dynamism than that of the European economies as a whole.

On average, exports are 34% higher than in 2019, so they have overcome the impact of the pandemic in a general way.


Regarding the situation by market, the recovery of Spanish exports has been faster with our main European partners: exports to the EU-27 grew above the whole (24.9% year-on-year, compared to 22.9%) and its weight rose to 62.8%, one point more than the previous year. The countries that contributed the most to the growth of exports were: France, Belgium, Portugal, Germany and Italy. On the other hand, sales to third destinations also increased with an increase of 19.7%.


Meat exports

  • From January to December 2022, Spanish meat companies managed to export almost 3.4 million t of meat and meat derivatives, a figure that was 5.4% lower than in 2021, some 200,000 t less. In terms of value, according to data from ICEX-Estacom, it rose 11% to stand at 10,649 million euros. Throughout the last decade, the value of Spanish meat exports has grown by 147% and the quantity exported has risen by 108.1%.
  • China remained the main buyer for Spain, although it fell by 44% and stood at 698,589 t, while the value fell to 1,629 million euros, 40% less.
  • The French market follows in relevance with the importation of 400,308 t, somewhat less than in 2022, for a total of 1,408 million euros.
  • Next are other European destinations such as Portugal or Italy and Japan, with 861 million euros, is the next destination outside the EU by relevance with purchases of 861 million euros.

Data obtained from  ICEX y Eurocarne

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