Mercolleida launches the first national Sheep Market

EThis Wednesday, November 22, the first national price meeting of the Mercolleida sheep sector took place. This Sheep Meeting will be held every Wednesday at 10 am in person and online. The main objective of this fair is to create a reference quotation at national level in the sheep sector with the help of companies in the Spanish territory of this sector.


The members of the Mercolleida Price Board are six buyers representing the companies Moralejo, Covap, Francosa, Carns Frescassa, BonÀrea and Carns JB and six sellers representing EA Group, Inescar, Ovigar, Moranegos, Cosegur and Esteve Canal. Fortpiel is also included as a skin purchasing representative.


Last week, a previous meeting of all the members of the board was held with Mercolleida in which the statutes of the board, its procedure and the bases of the quotations were agreed to mark today, November 22, 2023, the first quotation national of the Spanish sheep sector of Mercolleida.

It is a global project and open to all people who want to be part of the platform by providing data or as members of the Board itself. The live sales and slaughter data of the sector together with all the information collected by Mercolleida will serve to help mark the weekly sheep price and the market comment.



Market with objective market data

This is the first time that this sector will trade on the market with objective market data: live trading (on the primer and from the primer), channel trading (killing) and average weights in all cases, together with quotations of other Spanish shops, European and international reference prices and production and foreign trade data. In addition, similar to what already happens with Mercolleida’s Pork and Cattle Boards, this data will be updated weekly and processed by Mercolleida’s market analysts to provide the best reports and statistics in the sector, which will thus have data practically in real time of an operation highly representative of the Spanish market, as it concentrates a third of all activity in this sector in Spain.


The geographical area currently represented in this new Price Board is Extremadura, Murcia, Castile and Leon, Andalusia, Aragon, Madrid, Valencian Community and Catalonia.


Professionalization of this sector

Mercolleida continues to work to increase the number of participants in this Price Board and in the provision of weekly information, with a view to helping the professionalization of this sector. This does not replace the quotations of the current boxes, since these represent the specificity of productions and market situations at a regional level, but setting a reference based on objective data from the Spanish market can constitute a global framework of referencing which, without removing importance in the regional markets, promote greater homogeneity as a Spanish market and as an export market.


Practically since its inception, Mercolleida has had a Sheep Board, recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food as a Sheep Reference Market, although its scope is for Catalonia, Huesca and Zaragoza. Next year, Mercolleida will apply for the recognition of the new Junta d’Oví as a state-wide Reference Market. This former Mercolleida Price Board is from now on integrated into the national Oví Price Board.

For the first time, weekly data on the sale and purchase of animals, slaughter and average weights in Spain will be available



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