Murgaca, leading Spanish company in lamb and mutton export, supports Meat Attraction once again

The Halal ovine and goat meat company will take part in the third edition of the fair, in the joint pavilion of Anafric

Murgaca, one of the leading ovine and goat export companies, specialized in Halal meat, will once again be present at Meat Attracion. The company is firmly committed to this fair and defends the need to make this event, still young, «a reference venue for the meat sector in the Euro-Mediterranean area». Murgaca will participate in the joint pavilion of the meat business association Anafric, along with other important companies from such sector.

Murgaca, the firm from Murcia established in 1988, takes part in Meat Attraction once again. “We are committed to the growth and value of this fair» says Esperanza Díaz, Murgaca’s Managing Director and CEO. “We do believe that Spanish meat sector deserves a venue like Meat Attraction. Its rapid evolution shows us that we must continue working to turn this fair into the great event of the meat sector in the Euro-Mediterranean zone».



Murgaca is dedicated exclusively to the production and commercialization of Halal meat (#onlyhalal). This company currently exports, in an “effective” way, to 26 countries, of which half belong to the European Union. Murgaca has strategic facilities located in different regions of Spain. Its headquarters and slaughterhouse are located in Cartagena (Murcia) and they have logistic facilities and cutting room in Balaguer (Lérida).


The company expects a “two figure” growth in its turnover by 2020

«We expect a two-figure growth in our turnover, thanks to the strengthening of our brand and our comercial effort in international destinations, by the year 2020. We have good expectations», says Esperanza Díaz. “The consumer costumer of Halal products is becoming increasingly more demanding in terms of quality, traceability, logistics and understanding of global business concept. In Murgaca we strive to develop a production according to these requirements in order to know the most requested types of products and cuts in each territory».

Murgaca underlines that the Halal concept not only affects slaughter of animals according to the Islamic rite, but it also affects the whole process in an integrated way: «the precepts range from the feeding and transport of the animals, to the facilities… Such precepts cover all the process until the meat reaches the customer».


The export company Murgaca will be part of the joint stand presented by the meat business association Anafric at Meat Attaction. A pavillion that will have 7 major meat companies of reference. According to Murgaca, «this common space that Anafric makes available to all its associates offers rigorous and flexible planning so that all participants feel taken care of and that each company can project its personality in a common framework. It is a formula that has convinced us and hopefully it will continue in many other national and international fairs».

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