NANTA, one more year with transhumance

On October 31, nearly 3,000 Merino sheep began their journey through the Cañada Real of Cuenca from the town of Guadalaviar (Sierra de Albarracín) in the province of Teruel to the town of Vilches in Jaén, looking for a milder and warmer climate to spend winter. And they do it led by their shepherds and accompanied by 5th year Veterinary Medicine students from the University of Zaragoza and by professors also assigned to the Nanta Chair of Precision Livestock (Cátedra Nanta de Ganadería de Precisión)




Animals, shepherds and students walk 18 kilometers a day through the following places:


Day 1 (THE TRAIL BEGINS): Los Chorros – La Loma de Almadillo
Day 2: Arrival in Las Majadas
Day 3: La Cañada de la Cerraja (Villalba and Sotos)
Day 4: Alto del Chillarón (Chillaron and Cuenca)
Day 5: Colliga
Day 6: Jesús del Puerto (Alto de la Fresneda)
Day 7: San Lorenzo de la Parrilla
Day 8: El Alfalfe (Cervera del Llano)
Day 9: El Chaparral (Almarcha)
Day 10: The Sierra El Hocino (Villar de la Encina – Villaescusa de Haro)
Day 11: Mojón Alto (Roda de Haro)


Day 12: Las Pedroñeras
Day 13: Titos (Socuéllamos)
Day 14: El Corral de Picante (Tomelloso)
Day 15: The Barranco de la Vieja (Tomelloso)
Day 16: Perdigueros (Alto de Ruidera)
Day 17: Barreros (Alto de Alhambra)
Day 18: Pozo de la Serna (Valdepeñas)
Day 19: La Cañada de los Conejos (Torrenueva)
Day 20: Wolf Hill


Day 21: La Cañada de las Tabernillas
Day 22: Cerro del Alcornoque (Alto de Sierra Morena)
Day 23: Plazuelas – Vilches

A total of 32 students accompanied by two teachers were distributed in four weekly periods throughout the entire route of the path in the month of November.





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