Neologic Energia: Up to a 30% saving on the electricity bill with green energy!

For more than 20 years of experience, Neologic Energia moves companies by providing significant savings in electricity and gas consumption … and also green savings. This marketer is specialized in self-consumption installations with solar panels. And what is the difference with respect to the rest of the trading companies in the sector? That the customer does not pay for the installation. Neologic Energia takes care of everything, amortizing with consumption.



Neologic is an Asturian company that was born in 2012 as a result of an innovative project in the world of renewable energy. “We are a light and gas marketer with great savings, self-consumption facilities with solar panels. Without investing, we install the plants and amortize it with consumption,” explains Carlos Sierra, Expansion delegate of the marketer.

And what differentiates you from other companies like yours? “We are differentiated by green energy, very competitive prices and self-consumption facilities with solar panels without the customer having to pay for it. We invest in the facilities and we are amortizing them with consumption.”

With this they achieve that the client “saves up to 30% of the electricity bill“. But they don’t just offer solar energy installations. “We also installed electric car chargers without wiring, using the lighting wiring.”

Technology and patent

With a few years in the market but with a long history with clients, Neologic is committed to cutting-edge technology and they already have a patent for electric chargers.

What is the value you give to join as a collaborator of Anafric?

The introduction in such an important sector of the Spanish business community is very important in our expansion strategy of the company. We can provide associates with energy savings, a unique product such as solar panels without investment.

It is a company with a pioneering project that can help us in our environmental sustainability projects, one of the help lines of European funds, which have to be launched during 2021. Therefore, Neologic Energia can be your partner energy in your Next Generation projects.



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