New cuts of lamb and kid, for this summer

The Paquito, the tournedó, the churrasco, the fillet of cheek, the french rack, the tomahack and the T-bone. These have been the new cuts that have been presented at the past Salón Gourmets in Madrid.

Interovic has returned to the Salón Gourmets, Europe’s No. 1 Quality Food and Beverage Fair and one of the most prestigious benchmarks in the world, to present the new lamb cuts to enhance their value and boost their consumption.


The Paquito:

It is a leg of lamb meat sandwich that can be accompanied by sauce, combined with other ingredients such as vegetables and with meat made little by little, juicy and with a lot of flavor.


They are boneless leg slices, keeping the lamb’s own caul as a wrapper. They are about 2 to 3 cm thick. It is a cut designed for meat lovers “to the point”.


It is the traditional strip of meat from the stick of the ribs. Ideal for barbecues and oven (we recommend, given the atmospheric conditions, to carry out the barbecue at home. We can also cook the meat in the oven).

Carillon fillet:

It is the neck boned, open and marked. It surprises with its flavour, tenderness and juiciness. It is perfect for grilling.

French Chime Rack:

It is the rack of ribs with peeled sticks and without the bones of the backbone, that is, the medallion of the rack of lamb with the clean bone.


Loin medallion attached to long rib. The cut is very tender, soft and juicy.

Lamb T-bone:

Characteristic cut by its bone in the shape of a “T”, with meat adhered on both sides, covered by a layer of fat. Cut from the loin where the ribs end and the hip of the lamb begins.

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