New Wastewater Treatment Plant of Grup Viñas

Grup Viñasde Vic (Barcelona), one of the largest business groups dedicated to the industrialization of beef in Spain, has started up its Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) to treat the discharge generated in its production process and optimizing your wastewater. For this industrial WWTP, the most modern technologies have been chosen to obtain higher yields and comply with the demanding discharge parameters required. This station has had the collaboration and technology of AEMA.

The water treatment line will initially treat a flow of 315 m3 / day and consists of the following stages: primary treatment physical-chemical system, aerobic biological treatment with submerged membrane MBR ultrafiltration system and sludge dehydration line. For the management and control, a process supervision scada has been proposed, which offers multiple possibilities, allowing the automatic management of processes that, by introducing a simple slogan, will act autonomously, being monitored and registered all their actions in the data and alarm history included in said system.

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