Meat producers don’t only live on sheep meat

The sheep-goat group from Anafric held its annual meeting on March 12 in Cartagena (Murcia). The event was attended by more than 60 participants, including an important representation of the fur industry.

In recent years the market for Spanish sheep skins has become increasingly important, so obtaining skins of the highest quality has become a necessity for the meat sheep sector.

In order to cover this issue, during the conference and the round table, the aspects that from the fur industry are necessary to control for the improvement of the valuation of the Spanish sheep skin were exposed, making necessary the cooperation and the coordination of all the links of the chain of value.

Also, the study that is being carried out to analyse those factors that make some skins more suitable than others was presented, and where work is being carried out to analyse the causes of the three main defects detected, with the aim of preparing a guide to good management practices.

After a broad debate, the group conclude that is it necessary find the strategy that allows to offer skins of uniform quality taking into account the pressure exerted by synthetic skins in the market.

Another issue addressed during the day was problem facing livestock today: resistance to antimicrobials and the challenge of reducing their use.

The representatives of NANTA presented the results of a study they have carried out on the reduction of antibiotics in the meat sheep sector, highlighting the need for any reduction plan to be raised throughout the chain. It was reported the works that are being carried out in the detection and the correction of those critical points detected, the establishment of plans for prevention and prophylaxis (biosecurity and vaccination), the investigation of nutritional solutions, the monitoring of pathogens and the sensitivity of these to the antimicrobials, as well as the innovation oriented to a greater efficiency of the treatments.

On the other hand, we also had the participation of the manager and the head of European campaigns of INTEROVIC who presented the nutritional campaign and the promotion actions in the national and international market to the attendees. They also presented the work that has been started called “Brexit Plan” to analyse the leadership opportunities of the European markets and how to position our product once the UK stops being part of the EU.

The day was sponsored by the company BLASAU, a company specializing in the manufacture of slaughterhouse products, cutting rooms and agri-food industry, and NANTA specialized in animal feed.

Anafric is the main association in representation of marketers of sheep-goat meat, grouping 69% of the volume in tons marketed by the 34 leading marketers in Spain.


Las empresas asociadas de Anafric que han participado en el evento son: Carnes Frescas, Carnes Selectas Cinco Villas, Cárnicas Coviher, Cárnicas Sierra Sur, Carns Prior, Companyia General Càrnia, El Ovino de Segovia, Ganados Ovimancha, Inescar, Los Chengos, Matadero de Huesca, Moralejo Selección, Nanta, Murgaca (siendo en esta ocasión el anfitrión), Ovinos Manchegos y Roca 1927 Grup Carni. Los asistentes por parte de la industria de las pieles fueron: Alherpell, Colomer Group, Derpicu, Ebropiel, Eusebio Nomen, Inpelsa, Merpiel, Pieles Balanza, Pieles Quintana, Riba Guixa y Russo de Casandrino. Tambien se contó con la asitencia del gerente del Cluster Leather Barcelona.

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