Olot Meats Group closes 2022 with a turnover of 753 million euros

Olot Meats Group, made up of Càrniques Celrà, Càrniques de Juià and Olot Meats, closed 2022 with a business volume of 753 million euros, which was 10% more than in 2021, although it halved its joint profit, as and as reported by the newspaper Expansión and echoed by Revista Cárnica.



The aggregate result after taxes stood at 24 million euros, compared to 48 million in the previous year and 61 million in 2020. Broken down by company, Càrniques Celrà earned 13.9 million (42% less), Càrniques de Juià, 8.6 million (61% less), and Olot Meats repeated profits with 1.7 million.

The company with the highest sales was Càrniques de Juià, which in 2022 had a turnover of 412 million, 12% more than in the previous year.

Càrniques Celrà had a turnover of close to 302 million, with an increase of 7%; and Olot Meats increased its sales by 14%, up to 39 million euros.

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