Origin Spain does not want products with quality seals to carry the Nutriscore label

Origin Spain has presented a position document, before the national and regional administrations and the European Commission, to request the exclusion of the NutriScore nutritional labeling in agri-food products with a differentiated quality scheme PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication ), “As a way of protecting, preserving and giving value to consumers.”

In this letter, the association argues that “products with PDO and PGI have differential characteristics highly valued by consumers and reformulation would be unfeasible in them if they wanted to opt for a more benevolent scale in the nutritional traffic light, since they could not remain products with PDO or PGI. Our gastronomic culture (certified and controlled), our culture of differentiated quality (Geographical Indications) cannot and should not be reformulated. In fact, that would be contrary to the essence of PDO and PGI ”.

Origin Spain supports the more than 195,155 primary operators linked to appellations of origin in our country and the 3,455 affiliated industries.

Smart tags

Smart labels could help consumers feel more confident about the freshness of meat. In the US, Ynvisible, a company specializing in smart technology and printed electrochromic displays, recently partnered with Innoscentia, a food technology company, to integrate custom sensors and produce a prototype of a smart label designed specifically for the meat industries. and poultry.

It is a solution that aims to significantly reduce food waste and detect spoilage in time, even before the expiration date.

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