Participate in the general framework to regulate the sustainability of food systems!

The European Commission initiates the legislative process associated with the Stratègia Farm to Fork. It is going to start the process of elaboration of a regulation that aims to establish a general framework to regulate sustainability in food production systems.

There are many diffuse objectives, but one of them is clear: to regulate a sustainable food labeling system. All the available information can be found in this link. As a result of this initiative, INTERPORC decided that it is important for the Spanish pig sector to express its vision, and to participate in the document created by the EC, providing ideas and debate.

The farm-to-fork strategy conveys the idea that a diet produced within the framework of a sustainable production system is consequently healthier. For this, it promotes the reduction of the consumption of products of animal origin. The basis used for this is a set of publications based on meta-analysis. Many of these results and statements are not statistically significant enough, as demonstrated Papadimitriou et al (2021, |

For this reason, from Interporc they encourage us to participate in the debate through this link till october 26th.



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