Pastoreo Success, with a thousand visitors and 800 tapas served

Free lamb tapas to taste in a charming place and in good company. It has been the objective of Pastoreo, the first open pop up, devised by the interprofessional of sheep and goats, Interovic, to promote the culture of the national lamb and enjoy these tapas created for the occasion by chef Javi Estévez. Lamb meat is very versatile and allows all these combinations. The tapas have been accompanied by two Marqués de Riscal wines, the Fina Montico and the XR. The initiative has attracted almost a thousand visitors and eight hundred tapas served.

Visitors have also been able to enjoy exhibitions such as that of the photographer José Barea, with portraits of native breeds of sheep and goats or photographs of the transhumant universe. Also workshops based on the world of lamb like this one on ceramic decals or even a live wool spinning demonstration.

With this ephemeral space, Interovic wants to continue promoting the knowledge and consumption of the meat of suckling pig, lamb and kid of national origin. Pastoreo is part of the Closer is Better project, which aims to promote the consumption of nationally sourced suckling pig, lamb and goat meat, especially at Christmas.



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