Project of various energy companies to transform surplus slurry into biomethane and fertilizers

Three energy companies, Naturgy, Reganosa and Repsol, are collaborating with Impulsa Galicia to promote a project that would transform surplus farm excrement and other waste into biomethane, organic fertilizers and neutral CO2 of biological origin on a large scale.

The project consists of progressively deploying a network of plants throughout the territory that valorize surplus bovine, porcine and poultry manure mixed with a smaller amount of FORS (separate collection organic fraction) and RIO (organic industrial waste) from the agri-food sector for production of renewable energy.

This initiative has been conceived to optimize the management of manure in the autonomous community, reduce dependence on energy from abroad, facilitate compliance with the new European standards and help decarbonize industry, homes and mobility.

You have more information about the project in Revista Cárnica.

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