Provacuno promotes beef in Dubai

Provacuno has once again been present in Dubai through an event held before 50 importers from the United Arab Emirates. This event, which took place at the Hotel Dukes Barceló in the Emirati city, is part of the activities programmed in the What a Wonderful European Beef plan, a program co-financed by the European Union.

An introduction has been made showing the qualities of Spanish beef. Next, Spanish chefs such as Juanlu Fernández, chef at Lu, Cocina y Alma Restaurant, and recognized with a Michelin Star, who has prepared recipes tasted by attendees so that they could personally be convinced of the excellence of Spanish beef.

For Provacuno, the evolution of sales to the United Arab Emirates in the first 8 months of the year, about 30 tons, suggests that by the end of the years exports will double with respect to 2019, “which leads us to consider that demand is favored for the knowledge of the qualities of our product and the introduction of our companies for a few years “.

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