Public consultation of the new Royal Decree on official controls in matters of animal welfare


The purpose of this Royal Decree is to apply in Spain the regulations of the European Union on official controls in matters of animal welfare. It brings together various modifications of the current regulations and establishes some novel aspects for the improvement of official control mechanisms. This Royal Decree is definitely part of the response that Spain is giving to the recommendations that in matters of animal welfare have been formulated by the community authorities addressed to our country.

The consultation will take place from June 23 to July 13 on the ministry’s website. You can download this link for further information.


1.- A network of contact points will be established for the exchange of information between the responsible authorities and to ensure the coherence and effectiveness of the controls.

2.- The national coordination table on the protection of animals for agricultural purposes and for aquaculture is constituted.

3.- The figure of the Animal Welfare Reference Center is created to provide scientific support to the ministry.

4.- The owners of the farms will have to have an animal welfare plan for their operation, which is already mandatory in the case of intensive pigs and poultry.

5.- The information on the food chain is extended so that the official veterinary service of the slaughterhouse has all the necessary data on the animals and can complete the mandatory declaration in the event of an emergency slaughter.

6.- In the case of pigs, specific changes are introduced to prevent tail docking from being done routinely.

7.- Improvements are required on the number of feeders and drinkers, control of environmental gases (ammonia, carbon dioxide), manipulable material, and a decrease in livestock density is established.

8.- The necessary requirements are established to guarantee the exchange of information between the slaughterhouse and primary production.

9.- The wording of the regulations on calves under six months is improved, and all the royal decrees on the protection of animals on farms are modified.

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