Red meat consumption reduction is not the solution to greenhouse gases

The Oxford Farming Conference , which was held from January 7 to 9, is the most important event in the United Kingdom on agricultural products and livestock. There we had talked about veganism and flexitarism. One of the speakers, Alice Stanton, professor of cardiovascular pharmacology at the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, said in one of her interventions that fruits and vegetables had seen their nutrients decrease in order to meet demand.

“I am not against vegetarianism or veganism,” says Stanton, “the reduction in red meat consumption is not the solution to greenhouse gases.” Eating red meat in moderation, “two or four times a week,” is “protective against heart attacks, strokes and cancer,” while the nutrients in red meat are vital for children in the first three years of life.

In this sense, Will Jackson, of the agency of the livestock industry AHDB, has added that “the key message is balance. Different food groups work best when consumed together in moderation as part of a “balanced dish” approach.

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The Oxford Farming Conference.

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