Review of meat promotion policies in the Organization Committee of agricultural markets of the European Commission

The European Commission (EC) is analyzing the possibility of excluding certain products, such as alcohol and meat, from the agri-food promotion policy, taking advantage of the revision of the regulations that it plans to present as of June 15. At a meeting of the promotion team of the European Commission in February 2022, three options were considered for the next review of the policy:

1.- “Build on what we have”, using the annual work programs to adjust the campaigns to the priorities set by Brussels, especially in the field of sustainability.

2.-Limit actions in the internal market to the objectives set in the “From Farm to Fork” strategy, which aims to promote more sustainable food production and consumption, and at the same time allow other actions to be financed in third countries.

3.- Review of the criteria and exclude some products from promotion, such as meat and alcohol.


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