Roadmap from the European Commission for the lifting of restrictions by Covid-19

The European Commission has published on its website a roadmap with the intention that the lifting of the restriction measures be harmonized, although the member states will apply the measures they deem appropriate. The Commission’s immediate priority is to combat the virus and mitigate the socio-economic consequences of the pandemic.

Social and economic recovery phase

Each state will carry out its survey gradually and based on a series of criteria. While there is no single approach to a science-based, effective, gradual lifting of containment measures, a highly coordinated path forward is a matter of common European interest.

To be able to lift the restrictions, the following criteria should be met:

  • Epidemiological evidence showing that the spread of the disease has been significantly reduced and stabilized in a sustained manner over time.
  • Sufficient sanitary capacity to absorb an increase in cases in the future after lifting the measures.
  • Appropriate surveillance capacity including the ability to perform large-scale tests to detect and monitor the spread of the virus combined with traceability of contacts and possibilities of isolating people in the event of a recurrence and possible spread of infection.

The revival of the economy should go in stages to ensure that authorities and companies can adequately adjust to growing activities safely.

Furthermore, according to the European Commission, it should be borne in mind that:

  • The population must not return to the workplace at the same time and social distancing must continue to apply.
  • Telecommuting should be encouraged.
  • In the workplace, occupational health and safety regulations must be observed.
  • Mass meetings should be consolidated according to the following order of priorities:
  1. Schools and Universities
  2. Commercial activity (detail) with possible gradation
  3. Measures on social activities (restaurants, cafes) with possible gradation
  4. Massive events

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