Sales of meat alternatives fell 13.6% during 2022 in the United Kingdom

Sales of meat alternatives fell 13.6% during 2022, and demand for plant-based vegan substitutes in the UK stagnated as consumers turn to meat due to high prices for alternatives.



Food retail giants such as Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury’s and Morrisons have reduced their vegan ranges, according to the British media, by 10% and the sandwich chain Pret A Manger also cut 75% of its exclusively vegetarian stores.

Faced with this, sales of smashed burgers (cult hamburgers) are driving meat consumption in the United Kingdom in the foodservice channel through hamburger chains such as Supernova, Bleecker Burger, Black Bear Burger and Beefy Boys, which have adopted the trend and have seen their establishments develop a loyal fan base.

Figures for Brits’ average meat consumption have also been seen soaring to 61.7kg in 2022, from 55.8kg in 2012, Statista data published in August revealed.

According to the same sources, the trend is to return to traditional, sustainable and responsibly sourced meat.


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