Self-consumption facilities. With the available subsidies, the investment can be reduced by half. Attention: they end on December 31

Solar panel subsidies, which are financed with European Next Generation funds, are still available in all Autonomous Communities and can be requested by individuals and companies. Although they end in 2023, there is still time to take advantage of this call for one of the 3 initiatives in force to promote self-consumption. Subsidies can reduce the investment necessary to have solar self-consumption by half.




The term of the subsidy program in force today for self-consumption facilities in Spain ends on 12/31/2023. In this context, it is important for all those companies that want to have a photovoltaic project to activate the request for said subsidy in the short term, even if the project can be executed later.


We remind our partners that our collaborator, Solartree, can help you in all the procedures.


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