Sheep and goat farming helps prevent forest fires, according to Interovic

With the arrival of the summer fires, Interovic recalls the role of sheep and goat meat production to prevent fire through livestock. “During their movement at the command of the shepherds, the flocks of sheep and goats have cleared the fields, forests and roads of threats to the flora. The good management of the ranchers has turned dangerous elements such as weeds, the debris generated by agricultural work or stubble. These plant species pose a threat when they grow excessively. “

Interovic estimates that the grazing of sheep and goats allows to ingest “in a single day, between 1.5 and 2.5 kg per day of dry plant matter (350 to 1500 g of leaves and bush shoots) when we talk about adult goats In the case of sheep heads, this quantity ranges between 2 and 3 kg of dry matter per day (scrub and woody species) “.

For this reason, they point out from the interprofessional that “the consumption of sheep and goat meat helps to clean and promote plant biodiversity, thanks to the dispersion of seeds that is carried out through wool and animal feces. Along with This pollinating work, the pastures of these cattle also allow to fix the carbon to the soil in a stable and safe way. Enjoy a food while we take care of ourselves and the planet. makes it possible. “

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