Spain wants to have its first regulation for the management of beef farms before the end of the year

The Minister of Agricultura, Ramaderia and Pesca of Spain, Luis Planas, has announced the release of the decree that orders cattle farms from this Thursday. The intention is that once the interested parties provide the corresponding allegations to be able to present the text before the end of the year for approval in the Council of Ministers,

This declaration took place at the FIGAN fair in Zaragoza. The decree that is released to public information, in which the regulation and profitability of farms have been taken into account, establishes a ceiling for cattle farms of 850 units, that is, 725 milking cows and herds. In the case of cow fattening sites, a ceiling of 1,400 heads is set. Those facilities that, as of the date the decree came into force, had a higher number of heads than that stipulated, will not be able to expand the operations.


Asoprovac has complained that, as a representative association “of the sector, it has not been consulted” at all “for the preparation of the draft of the royal decree. At the moment, they have not decided whether they will file submissions in the currently open period.

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