Spanish meat exports lose competitiveness outside the EU

According to Cexgan data corresponding to last September, Spain has managed to export a total of 1,138,959 t outside the EU, which is 15% less than in the same period in 2022.

The drop in sales is a symptom of the loss of competitiveness compared to some of the main players in the global meat trade, such as Brazil, the United States or Canada, among others, due to the high prices of animals and the costs they have to bear. confront Spanish meat companies, as  Eurocarne has made public.

By category, the majority is pork, which accounts for almost 88% of the total with 999,359 t, 16% below the 2022 figures. Poultry meat is next in relevance with 55,844 t, 4 .8% more than in 2022, and the category of other meats and preparations that reached 51,780 t, 7.% less than in 2022. Sales of beef were 11% lower than those of the previous year and those of sheep fell 16%.


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