Stability in the meat market by 2021, according to the EU

The EU has published the Short-Term Outlook for EU Agricultural markets in 2021 report, it is a report on the outlook for agriculture and livestock for this 2021. From Anafric we have summarized the most interesting data, which we pass on to you, and you have links to the official document (in English) and more related information.


Beef sector

EU beef production is expected to decline in 2021 by 1.3%, mainly due to a reduction in the beef and dairy sector, coupled with lower demand for dairy services. feeding. Exports to high-value markets should continue to increase thanks to recent trade agreements (eg Canada, Japan) and while other destinations show a small decline, despite the global beef shortage.

Pig sector

EU pork production is expected to continue to increase in 2021, by 1.6%, as additional production in some EU countries more than offset the decline due to ASF. Although exports to the UK are strongly declining, overall EU pork exports should
grow again in 2021.

Sheep sector

The EU sheep meat market is facing a severe global and domestic supply shortage (EU EU production remains stable, with an increase of 0.1%), which makes prices relatively high. New Zealand’s exports are partly reoriented towards Asia, at the same time facing higher transport costs. The current trade situation between the EU and the UK adds downward pressure on exports and imports.

Full report, in this link

More economics perspectives at EU, in this link.


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