Stopping meat exports to third countries during 2023, according to CEXGAN

In 2023, Spain exported 1,530,250 tons of meat and meat preparations to third countries, which represents a 14% reduction compared to 2022. This has been published by the CEXGAN report, which has been made public by the sector press. .

The item that has experienced the greatest decrease, with -19%, has been that of meat and preparations of sheep and goats, with 12,268 tons exported compared to 15,170 the previous year. The main market is currently in Great Britain, followed by Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Israel, destinations that have reduced their purchases of sheep and goat meat.



This is followed by pork exports, which have decreased by 16% with 1,346,625 tons exported. Its main markets are China, Japan, the Philippines and South Korea. Beef exports, which have decreased by 9.3%, with 27,207 tons of product exported. Its main destinations have been the Ivory Coast, Canada, Indonesia and Morocco; and finally, the shipment of other meats and preparations has fallen by 5.1%, with 69,784 tons exported.


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